The New Healthier Way to Bake and Roast is here! Introducing the Pyramid Roaster Mat by HomeQuip

The HomeQuip Cooking & Roasting Tray features 556 Pyramid-shaped contours which is a specially designed to allow foods to be baked and roasted without it having to soak in oils and fats. Place the mat on your baking tray and let the pyramid shaped design lets the oils drip and collect to the bottom, away from your elevated foods, making your meals healthier.


It's like grilling in your oven! Fat and grease drip away, leaving delicious, flavoursome food for your family. This innovative raised pyramid design is not only for smart and healthy cooking, it can also be used as a trivet, drying rack, and upside down for evenly cooked bread, cookies, and pastries. And once you have cooked with this mat, you will want everything in your kitchen to be as durable and easy to clean. Offers Safe Long Lasting Use in Oven, Microwave, Dishwasher, and Freezer. A simply must have for any kitchen.


The tray is made from food-grade FDA approved silicone and it's 100% safe containing no toxins and it's BPA-free. The reusable tray also rolls up for easy, compact storage. For oven and microwave use only, keep away from open flames.


The Baking Mat can withstand temperatures from -40C through 230C degrees and it's Oven Safe/ Microwave safe and Dishwasher Safe.

Use for multiple purposes from Baking, Trivet, Drying Rack, Non-Slip surface for cutting board, Pot holder and It is great for cooking breaded foods too.

Why Every Kitchen Needs The Pyramid Roaster Mat:

• New pyramid design allows consistent airflow around food whilst cooking in oven
• Can be placed on over your current baking and roasting trays 
• Made with premium food grade silicone
• Easy to clean and can be rolled up for smart storage 
• Oven, Microwave and Dishwasher Safe 


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