Love cooking or loathe it but we all have do it...The HomeQuip Clever Kitchen Cutter won't cook for you but will give you a helping hand when it comes to quickly cutting the forgotten spice, lemon or the celery.

We often forget to cut some of the ingredients after having washed the knives and chopping board. It's frustrating having to keep getting the chopping board and knife out for those simple cuts. Now with the clever cutter your problems are solved, just use our cutter to cut those fruits, veg or spices quickly and efficiently, whats more, save time with less washing and drying.

The cutter is a neat gadget, it's safe, there is a hinge clip to lock the blades and a wall mount to fix your clever kitchen cutter on your wall.

You'll love the little gadget, it will come in handy in so many occasions, so buy your one today and see why people love it!

  • Does the Clever Kitchen Cutter replace your knives and cutting boards? Absolutely Not! But it does do some clever cutting that saves you time and effort in everyday cooking.

  • Want to quickly cut pieces of lemon, cheese or chicken on the go without bringing out your bulky chopping boards, knives and then spend more time to wash and dry them...

  • Forgot to add some spring onions on the stir fry or fresh spices NO need to get chopping boards out or knives you just need The Clever Kitchen Cutter. Easy, Quick and Efficient!!

  • The Clever Kitchen Cutter 2in1 is here to quickly solve those times when you just want a quick way to cut fruits, vegetables, chicken and fresh spices without the hassle of getting knife and chopping out and then spend more time to wash and dry them. Save time and effort and use The Clever Kitchen Cutter.

  • The combination food chopper and carving board makes cutting, slicing and dicing easy and fast The stainless steel blades work as a great vegetable chopper, food chopper and chopping board Safe: Locking safety hinge helps prevent accidental cuts. It secures the blades and keeps it tidy. Dishwasher-safe for easy cleaning.


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