MAKE BREAKFAST EXCITING AGAIN with our 4 fun shaped family silicone egg and pancake ring.

BREAKFAST is without a doubt the most important meal of the day. It sets the tone for our energy levels for the day, for our work, school, colleges and even house chores. However, in a busy household it's far from convenient to make delicious nutritious healthy breakfast each morning. That's why you need the HomeQuip Egg/Pancake Silicone Ring Set.


Our silicone egg ring is designed to sit on your hot pan, allowing you to drop an egg, omelette mix, pancake batter and other delicious mixtures into it and make great hot and fresh breakfast more quickly without the mess.

4 DIFFERENT FUN SHAPE RINGS FOR YOUR FAMILY- In fact, because our set features 4 total Egg/Pancake rings, you can cook multiple eggs or pancakes at the same time, without having to wait. This also means less mess, more manageable cooking, easier clean-up and better tasting food.

The HomeQuip Egg/Pancake Ring Set is made from food-grade safe silicone using an FDA approved process, making it completely safe for you and your family. And to make it easier to clean up when you're done, it's even dishwasher safe.


30-DAY MONEY BACK GUARANTEE: We are committed to providing you the very best home kitchen products, which is why we want to remind you of our 30-day money back guarantee.


Make every breakfast or unique snack easier to make and more delicious with the versatile HomeQuip egg/pancake ring set! Click 'Add to Cart' above to get yours today! All 4 rings comes colour coded in our signature wine / burgundy colour.


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